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How Much Equity Should a New Founder Get
How Much Equity Should a New Founder Get? Let's review the various considerations to help you make the right decision.
What Legal Documents do I need for my startup
This article helps you understand which legal documents your startups need, when you need them and how much they cost.
Evaluation (Pilot) Agreement
What is an Evaluation Agreement? An evaluation agreement, also known as a ‘pilot agreement’ or ‘trial agreement’, is an agreement
Privacy Policy for Websites and Mobile Apps
In the below article we’ll explain why you need a Privacy Policy for Websites or Mobile Apps, what it is,...
Founder's Agreement - הסכם מייסדים- Image-by-a-mohamed-hassan-from-pixabay
A founder's agreement is one of the most important agreements that you'll ever sign. According to research done by CBSInsights,...
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