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The field of Commercial law and business is a wide field that covers many different types of transactions and entities, all the way from private companies to local and state authorities, and including private individuals. The commercial field touches on many different legal sectors and therefore effects the daily management of almost every type of business. Therefore, in order to provide real value, a commercial lawyer must have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in both the legal world and the business world, and understand the specific business sector of his clients.

We provide legal guidance and assistance to a variety of sectors such as high-tech, financing, internet, and E-commerce, and provide ongoing consulting for all of your daily business needs. Our services include registering companies, drafting and negotiating a wide range of contracts such as licensing agreements, programming and development agreements, distribution agreements, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions and outsourcing services – just to name a few.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in commercial law, combined with our hands on experience in the business world, enables us to provide fast, efficient and professional services to all of your legal and business needs, therefore providing you with excellent value and incredible results.

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