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Privacy Law, big data and data protection are now among the most popular and lucrative business fields, and as the popularity of these fields expands, so does the amount of legislation – both on an international level (for example the GDPR and the CCPA in California) and on a local level (for example the various Privacy Protection Regulations). It is clear that this legislation will only expand and become more comprehensive, forcing both small and large businesses to make sure that they are in compliance – at least for those interested in avoiding heavy fines, and in some cases even criminal charges. Although lucrative, today it is clear more than ever that the collection, processing and storing of data needs to be in compliance with the applicable law and regulations – and we provide just that – the peace of mind that you are in compliance.

We provide counsel to a wide range of businesses, from small startups and all the way up to publicly traded companies, including financial institutions, insurance companies, online media and AdTech companies and Media-tech companies. Our services include, among other things, data security policies and procedures, email marketing compliance (spam), information management, data mining/scraping and database registration and management aspects. We draft and negotiate terms of use documents, privacy policies, privacy protection guidelines, data protection reviews, employee privacy guidelines, ongoing regulatory compliance advice and legal opinions regarding various other privacy aspects.

Due to our vast experience and familiarity with the data and privacy laws, we are able to provide to you the added value needed to minimize the risks and liabilities due to data breaches and lack of compliance, and help make sure that you are in compliance with the applicable regulations – thus increasing your chances of business success.

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