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One of the most valuable resources and core assets that your business has (in addition to the team/employees) is the data you’ve collected – which can then be leveraged to yield a long-term competitive advantage. That said, collecting, processing, using and storing of personal information is subject to many stringent and fast-changing data protection laws and regulations – local and international – which need to be addressed in order to avoid fines, penalties, damage to your brand, and in some cases, even jail time. For the above reasons, it is crucial that your business is compliant with the applicable rules and regulations.

We provide counsel to our clients on how to best manage their information and databases, and how to minimize and avoid the risks associated with the collecting, processing, using and storing of personal information. Our services include database registration, practical advice as to how to collect, process and store the information, legal opinions relating to the transfer of data and compliance with the applicable regulations, agreements with data processors, data security analysis and more.

Clients turn to us for our clear, pragmatic and tailored advice in regards to data protection issues, such as: databases, data security, marketing activities, cross

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