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The business environment is constantly evolving – and now at a faster pace than ever before, with a significant part of business being done over the internet. Add to this the fact that numerous new Internet laws have come into play, and the conclusion becomes very clear: in order to survive today’s business challenges, it is essential that you have someone with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the changing regulatory environment, who can help you navigate through the various regulations. We are that perfect “someone”.

We represent companies from a variety of sectors, including mobile app creators, programmers and software development companies, gaming companies, SEO companies, trading platforms, and marketing and advertising companies – just to name a few. Our services include all the legal aspects of creating websites and mobile applications, use of open source code, copyright infringement, compliance for E-commerce websites and online consumer laws, domain names, as well as drafting a variety of agreements related to internet law, including software development agreements, agreements with web designers, licensing agreements, SaaS agreements, terms of service, privacy policies and more.

Our vast expertise in internet and computer law, combined with our practical business knowledge enables us to provide swift, comprehensive and professional advice to a wide range of your complex needs and provide you with the advice that you need to succeed.

Creating a website or an application? Provide online services? Own an E-commerce store? Contact us and let us help you deal with all your legal needs (preferably before they come as litigation letters).

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