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Many business owners feel that their business is not operating at an optimal level of efficiency, and find themselves frustrated when facing the numerous legal and business hurdles preventing them from fulfilling their full potential. That is exactly what we are here for – to provide you with business consulting and guide you through the legal and business hurdles, enabling you to focus on managing and expanding your business.

We provide legal and business consul for a wide range of business-law and commercial activities relating to the every-day management of your business. Our services include planning and accompanying complex business transactions, business and personal mentoring – tailored to your needs and goals, acquisition of companies, establishing a new business or company, optimization of existing business, forming of partnerships, analyzing and due diligence for the potential purchase of a new business, business plan writing and reviewing and more.

We help business owners overcome legal and business obstacles, and enhance their management skills on a wide range of aspects, including, self-management, time-management, marketing, and sales, delegating authority and hiring of employees.

Attorney Assaf Ben-David works as a consultant and mentor, and was handpicked to advise companies and startups on leading international websites such as and Thanks to his extensive legal knowledge, vast business expertise, and an ability to understand your specific business’ needs, we are confident that we can help you overcome any legal or business obstacle.

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